7 Reasons You Need to Build an Exercise Video Library

By: Fitness Educators

It’s next to impossible to know where a career in the training industry will take you.  You may find that you end up working strictly as a one-on-one trainer out of a small neighborhood studio, you may travel throughout the country training celebrities, or you may even train people all over the world from your living room thanks to the power of the internet.  No matter what your goals are for how far your business reaches, there is one thing you can do that is sure to help build a loyal following.  You should start today, if you haven’t already, to build a YouTube channel packed full of quality exercise demonstrations.  You may be wondering why I would suggest such a labor intensive investment of your time.  Well, then I must ask you, “Are you’re in this for the long haul or just for a year or two?”  If you’re serious about training as a career, the dividends you collect from this library will generate income for decades to come.

Here are the 7 reasons:

  1. Establishes you as the authority.

When a person seeks out information online they of course end up looking at the person in the video as a teacher.  As you know, we learn from and trust our teachers as the authority of the subject matter at hand.

  1. Let’s you showcase your knowledge.

You can have all of the book smarts you want, but if no one sees them it’s hard to share your hard earned knowledge.  When you create a video library you control the content and can share your training ideas with the whole world.

  1. Helps you to become a better teacher.

You’ve heard the expression “practice makes perfect.”  Well, this saying holds true for teaching as well.  The more you practice teaching the better you become at conveying your message to current and would-be pupils.  So, in the process of making your video library, you actually become better at training people in person as your communication skills and understanding of each exercise improve.

  1. Enables you to show your personality.

The basic training concepts that the majority of trainers have are essentially the same or at least very similar.  Often what separates a trainer struggling for clients and one that is packed full with clients is simply their personality.  If you are a people person, which you had better be in this business, then your video library will let people know who you are and give them a taste of your personality.  People want to work with trainers who they like and respect.  This is where your stellar personality can really work for you.

  1. Provides a valuable tool for current clients.

We would love it if our clients all trained five days a week with us, but in real life that’s not typically the case.  It’s pretty common for clients to do some of their training while you’re not with them to guide them through every exercise.  When this is the case, having a video exercise library is a great resource for your clients so that they can be sure they’re doing the work properly.

  1. Generates leads for global and even local clients.

You just never know who is going to watch your video and how that can lead to a client in the future.  Your exercise library on YouTube reaches the entire world, which is a powerful tool for introductions to an endless supply of online clients that view you as the authority.  You’ve provided a tool for them free of charge and in many cases you may have already been an instrumental part of their personal fitness journey.  That in and of itself is an incredible honor, but it also puts you in a prime position to work with them online should you decide to go down that route.  As for local potential clients, you can share your channel with them which helps them in their fitness endeavors and keeps you on their mind as the person to go to first for training.  People are much more likely to sign up with you if they have already been a student and/or fan of your videos.  Your video library has already pre-qualified you as their go-to coach and they already feel as if they know you personally.

  1. Creates a passive income stream.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like in three months your YouTube channel will be generating thousands of dollars a week.  However, as you continue to build your library you can easily “monetize” your videos as the system is already in place for you to start getting paid for your video work.  This slowly turns into a steady stream of income if you’re willing to put in the sweat equity and create the video library.  How much money you make depends upon how many videos you create and the numbers of views each gets.

These seven reasons should have you fired up about getting your exercise videos up and running on YouTube.  You can now clearly see the long term benefits you and your business will reap by putting in this short term work.  Rather than just sitting on the idea and letting it die, start now!  It’s time to plan your video creations and get to work.

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