Four Training Fixes to Help Clients Blast Holiday Fat

By: Fitness Educators

During the holiday season it’s not uncommon for most people, even gym goers, to pack on a few extra pounds of adipose tissue. It’s not really that big of a deal; but, it’s a safe bet that the majority of our clients would rather not have that happen. So, what can we do to help our trainees fend off the fat? Here are four training fixes that you can use with your clientele to keep them lean, mean and on track through all of the holiday hubbub.

1- Ramp-Up the Warm-up and Cool-down

A lot of times clients arrive late or cut out early after a training session. Through the holidays it’s important that they arrive a little bit earlier than usual and stay for a touch longer. This way you can have them bump up their warm-up by 5-10 minutes and do the same to the cool-down. The end result is 10-20 minutes of extra cardio to accompany every workout. I don’t have to tell you the kind of results that can come from an extra 20 minutes of cardio with every session.

2- Gear-Up to High Reps

If you are training your clients with a standard periodization protocol or something similar, it’s likely that you rarely have them perform more than 12, or at most, 15 reps in a given set. During the holiday weeks consider bumping up their rep range to 18-25. These higher reps often lead to a greater caloric expenditure in a given workout. What’s more is that your trainees will probably love the extreme pump and burn.

3- Double-Up the Frequency in the Split

It’s pretty typical to train a particular muscle group once per week when designing a training split. This is not a bad way to train, however, there is a more effective way to boost the metabolism through weight training. To accomplish this simply make sure that each muscle group is facing a grueling resistance workout TWICE per week. You can help your clients achieve this by hammering two-three muscle groups in a training session. By doing this you’re able to help them cycle through each muscle at least two times in a seven day period. This results in quite a metabolic boost.

4- Chop-Up the Rest Periods

Some clients love to talk between sets. Many will even get off track if you let them talk too much during a session. Learning to keep them on task during a workout is just part of the training game. During the holiday season, it’s your job to pay particular attention to the rest periods and hack them down to the 20-30 second range. This makes the lifting sessions doubly effective as both strength building workouts as well as cardiovascular sessions.

Train your clients with these four fixes in place and you’ll see them cruise through the holidays without covering up all of their hard earned 2015 results with the typical holiday bulge.

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