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    How to Spot Supplement Scams

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    The fitness supplements industry has skyrocketed to a $4 billion a year business, and not every product on the shelves lives up to its hype. This 30-minute course will equip you with the knowledge needed to navigate the complicated world of workout supplements, highlighting major pitfalls along the way.

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    Fat Loss Fundamentals


    It can be difficult to communicate with your clients about fitness without everything you say going over their head. Let this course teach you how to easily explain how fat loss works in a way that anybody can understand!

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    Anatomy and Physiology Module


    NAFC’s newly updated Anatomy and Physiology course presents essential knowledge which all Health and Fitness professionals should have an understanding of. Students will leave with an improved grasp of fundamental anatomy and physiology as they pertain to their clients and to real movement patterns.

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    Fitness Assessment Program


    Learn assessment techniques for measuring cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, endurance, flexibility and body composition. Practice applying these test results for individual program development and goal setting.

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    Weight Training Program


    Learn basic anatomy, biomechanics and applying this knowledge in training settings for specific muscle groups. Guide clients in maximizing results while minimizing injury risk.