5 Client Types


Learn how to train the 5 most common types of personal training clients!


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Topics Covered:

Weight Loss – The majority of clients who walk into the gym are looking to lose weight for one reason or another. It’s imperative that you know the proper training protocols to help these clients shed those pounds and keep them off for good!

Bodybuilders – Many clients you encounter will be looking to maximize the aesthetic appeal of their body by building muscle size and strength. Learn about rep ranges, effective training styles, and what rest periods are most effective for clients looking to get ripped!

Fitness – The fitness client doesn’t want to drop weight or lose body fat. They want to boost their current muscular and cardiovascular conditioning to allow them to perform at a higher level for longer periods of time.

Sports Performance – The athlete has one goal and one goal only…perform better in their sport! Learn how to build a training program around an athlete’s specific sport, including custom work/rest ratios and exercises that will give them an edge on the playing field.

Corrective & Wellness – While a personal trainer does not play the role of a physical therapist, you can assist injured clients through corrective exercise! Learn how to help this client type build a foundation that will help get them back on their feet in no time.