Effective Core Training


Core exercises are an important part of any well-rounded exercise program. Yet, they are often the most neglected. During this 30-minute course, you will learn about the different muscles that make up the core and the specific functions of each.


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Topics Covered:

– Understand the crucial role the core plays in the pursuit of fitness goals.

– Learn the different muscles that make up the core and their respective functions.

– Understand the core’s role in stabilizing the body.

– Discuss how lower back muscles function to maintain spinal integrity.

– Learn how the iliacus and psoas major play a role in hip flexion.

– Discuss trunk flexion’s level of importance in terms of abdominal strength.

– Review how the quadratus lumborum influences lateral flexion.

– Learn about over-rated core exercises such as planks, flutter kicks, and side bends.

– Discuss under-rated core exercises such as over head squats and side bend reaches.

– Review the common mistakes made when performing gym ball crunches and side planks.