Fat Loss Fundamentals


It can be difficult to communicate with your clients about fitness without everything you say going over their head. Let this course teach you how to easily explain how fat loss works in a way that anybody can understand!

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What Exactly is a Calorie? – Just like a pound is a measure of weight, and a mile is a measure of distance, a calorie is a measure of energy. Learn a fun way to explain the concept of a calorie to your clients!

The Science of Fat Loss – How does your body react to the food you consume? Is soluble or insoluble fiber better for weight loss efforts? All of your questions about the science of fat loss are answered in this presentation!

Avoid Liquid Calories – Soda, juice, beer and wine – nothing will impede fat loss efforts like the consumption of liquid calories. Learn how these sugary drinks spike insulin levels and trigger fat storage in the body.

Choose Healthy Foods – When it comes to weight loss efforts, a proper diet can make all the difference. We’ll show you some surprising super foods, as well as the food groups to have your clients avoid at all costs!