Learn how to boost your client’s speed and agility with Plyometrics training! During this 30-minute presentation, you will gain the practical knowledge necessary to effectively train clients towards their athletic goals.


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Topics Covered:

– Understand the purpose of plyometrics in terms of sports performance.

– Describe the 3 phases of the Stretch-Shortening Cycle.

– Discuss the action & physiology of the eccentric, amortization, and concentric phases.

– Learn the minimum acceptable requirements for clients to participate in plyometrics.

– Discuss the 6 safety concerns related to plyometrics.

– Understand the pre-requisites a client must meet to engage in speed & agility training.

– Learn the formulas for determining lower and upper body speed & strength.

– Discuss the contraindications for plyometrics training.

– Learn how to establish workout guidelines for beginner and advanced clients.

– Understand the concept of ground contacts when measuring plyometrics.