Reformer 1 Certification


When the reformer is used in our method of training it becomes functional. You will learn much more than being supine and primarily working in one plane of movement.



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Tri-plane Reformer training utilizes all three planes of movement in positions of the body that translate into daily activities. Our program thinks outside the box and requires you to view each student uniquely. You are not required to memorize exercises but to understand them, their purpose and for whom they are appropriate. A 2-year certification and prerequisite to Reformer 2.

– Become a critical thinker and understand how a spring load dramatically affects muscle groups, the quality of exercise, and why not all springs are the same.

– Learn why exercises, in other manuals, are not all appropriate for today’s society that lives in flux and stress. You will realize how our methods are specifically designed for today, not only for dancers.

– Discover the kinetic chain reaction of the feet and how it transfers to all exercises and to train your clients as a professional.

– You will learn how to perform a full postural evaluation and how each exercise applies to your student.

– You will be required to perform a minimum of 30 hours, written and practical exam.