What a Sports Agent in the NFL Learned From His Clients About Training – Wall Street Journal

Sunny Shah, a sports agent in the National Football League, is surrounded by elite athletes and has picked up some valuable training tips from them.

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Don’t be surprised when gym-goers watch you working with your clients, ask you tons of questions or even pirate your workout routines for themselves.  It’s just part of the business.  In this article you see that some major news sources act as if it’s actually a “cool” thing to do.  The fact of the matter as you already know though is that doing a workout that is prescribed for someone else is a surefire way to waste time that could be spent on achieving one’s individual results.  The take-home message is to make your client’s programs unique based on their needs.  If others are trying to imitate what you have your clients doing, take it as a compliment.

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